What is Crowdfunding?
Start. Share. Collect. Change.

Medical crowdfunding allows you to raise any medical cost online with contributions from your friends, family and thousands of generous givers on the internet

Thousands fight for their lives from fatal diseases and unforeseen medical emergencies everyday. Families are often left drained of all their savings and in need of heavy loans with high interest rates. Many also have to risk delaying or stopping treatment due to lack of funds.

At Impact Guru, we believe saving lives is a service. With the help of millions of donors online, who step up to generously support friends, colleagues and strangers with contributions, we are trying to reach each and every individual across India to ensure that no life is ever lost due to lack of money. Thus, we’ve made medical crowdfunding easy and accessible to all - no matter who you are, where you are from or what you do.

How Crowdfunding works on Impact Guru

1. Start a fundraiser

  • Pay attention to the headline
  • Write a compelling story
  • Add videos and pictures
10 Women Impact Gurus Who Made It as Indian Scientists Despite the Odds

2. Share a Fundraiser

  • Put it on social media
  • Create a Whatsapp and email group
  • Create a support group
10 Women Impact Gurus Who Made It as Indian Scientists Despite the Odds

3. Raise Funds

  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Raise Funds from across the world
  • Quick Fund Transfer
10 Women Impact Gurus Who Made It as Indian Scientists Despite the Odds

Why Raise Funds with Impact Guru?

Start a Fundraiser
in 5 minutes

The best alternative to
health insurance

Quick and easy disbursement of funds


Lowest platform

Fully mobile

24x7 fundraising support
on email & chat




Fundraise by yourself


+ 3% Payment Gateway Fees


We strategize, you execute


+ 3% Payment Gateway Fees


Boost your fundraising with our help


+ 3% Payment Gateway Fees

+ Marketing Costs

*Figures mentioned are approximate.Terms and conditions apply. Please visit our Pricing Page to know full pricing details.


Impact Guru is India's leading online crowdfunding platform that enables NGOs to fund their programs as well as individuals to fund their medical expenses, creative projects and personal projects . Alternatively, it allows you to donate to a cause you support or , choose from a host of vetted causes here on Impact Guru.
Here's why ImpactGuru is a preferred crowdfunding platform by many:
  1. You can write an engaging donor appeal with our inbuilt story builder tool
  2. You can also run a fundraiser from anywhere with our Android app
  3. Get help anytime from dedicated relationship managers
  4. Get donations from over 100 countries with multiple payment methods
  5. Fundraise lakhs of rupees within days by using customised fundraising calendar
  6. Only crowdfunding platform to offer Indian, USA and UK tax benefits to your donors
Crowdfunding is new to many patients and their families and while we have put in years of work to build a platform that is user-friendly and intuitive, we do understand new campaigners might feel confused at times. In that case, your dedicated crowdfunding expert will always be available on call to guide you to reach your goal. Our platform has been used successfully by students, labourers, working professionals, housewives, teachers and even farmers to raise money - we’ve worked hard to ensure that no matter where you come from or what you do, you are able to raise funds easily.
It takes around 15 minutes to create a fundraiser on Impact Guru, if you have all the mentioned things ready, like the fundraiser story, images, goal amount etc. The time varies depending on how much effort you want to put into it and how much information you want to share.
You can create a fundraiser on Impact Guru in less than 5 mins! Click on the start a fundraiser button and from there you will require the following to complete your fundraiser. Your personal details, including your name, phone number and email. Add details about your fundraiser, including a title, images, a story (your appeal to potential donors - if your cause is medical, a storybuilder will appear in the third step to help you write your story), name of the beneficiary and the goal amount. Add supporting documents like the patients’ medical reports, doctor’s letter, medical bills etc. Watch this video to know how to build a great fundraiser! :- Click Here
Fund transfers usually take 3-5 working days for domestic funds and 7-10 working days for international funds after the request has been made. In case of emergencies or if the above mentioned time period has passed, get in touch with us at info@impactguru.com and we will revert at the earliest. You can also call us at 022-49717414.

Have more questions? Contact us at info@impactguru.com